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Jaceyl Qurbo Tagay 68

The Episode starts with Khurana laughing and insulting Raghav. He asks Raghav why did he get that idea which is not his own. Raghav asks what are you saying. Khurana says I run a MNC, I never invest in any cheap product and cheap man, this idea which you are presenting, my company bought this patent from Balraj for 20000 euros. Raghav says this is my idea, patent is on my own, how can Balraj sell it to you. Khurana says how sad that helplessness makes a person do anything. Raghav says I will die hungry than stealing other’s work, believe me. Khurana says wow, but sorry this company is not a casting agency, you should try acting.

He asks her to sign papers. He makes Naina sign papers. She refuses to leave. He asks her to go and not come back. She knocks the door and cries. She thinks I know what is Raghav going through, Raghav is much hurt, Mehra family is creating hurdles, you got frustration out on me, I will not get angry on you.

Ahana says you are misunderstanding me. Naina says no, I have sympathy for that couple, but I did not leave from home to sell my womb, we are helpless, but will not be helpless forever, I have proof, I will prove my husband innocent. Ahana offers lift. Naina says no thanks and leaves.

Naina thinks I won’t let Mehras to ruin Raghav’s hardwork, I will request them. Veer insults Raghav. He asks Raghav to join as servant, your mop invention is right for us. Raghav angrily beats up Veer. They fight.

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