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Jai Chiranjeeva Af Somali

Jai Chiranjeeva is a Fully Comedy Based Movie,which is Directed by K.Vijaya Bhaskar.Sathyanarayana Murthy (Chiranjeevi) is a rough but kind man who lives in Amalapuram with his niece, mother, sister, and her husband. Sathya and his niece Lavanya share a special bond with each other and are the best of friends. One day Lavanya dies while playing on the swings. Sathya later finds out that she has been murdered by the gun-dealer Pasupathi (Arbaaz Khan)while testing one of his guns . In order to get his revenge Sathya must travel to the USA but the only way to get to the USA is to get a green card. The only way he can get a green card is to marry Neelu (Bhoomika Chawla). The rest of the film is how Sathya goes to the U.S and takes his revenge on Pasupathi.

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