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Janatha Garage Af Somali

This is the story of a garage called, ‘Janatha Garage’ which was started by Mr. Mohan Lal in the 1980s. Gradually, in 25 years, the garage grows in its stature to represent people in need and against anything that is evil to the society. The hero, Mr. NTR, is an environmental studies student in Mumbai, who fights for a greener planet. Due to one of his projects, he happens to come to Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lal grows into a larger than life figure who has an impact on the whole state. Due to an unforeseen situation caused by a businessman who wants to get rid of Janatha Garage, he meets with an accident which will hamper the actions of the garage.

The rest of the story revolves around how the hero upon knowing about the past, associates himself with the garage. This helps him to defeat all the evil elements in the society.

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  1. sxb adoo mahadsan filimada no soda

  2. Sxb filimka noo sooda sidan ufiirineyne waan daalnayee


    aflaan cusub adinkoo mahadsan noo soo daaya filimkaan

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