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Lamhaa Af Somali

Indian Military Intelligence assigns their agent, Vikram Sabharwal, to travel to Kashmir. There he is to locate the person(s) behind the violence, under the guise of a press reporter, Gul Jahangir. Once there, he begins his investigation by visiting highly sensitive areas as such as the Jama Masjid, Dardpura Village and Rainawari Chowk. He is accompanied by a tailor, Char Chinar, who sells uniforms to both militants and the underpaid military soldiers. Vikram meets up with Aziza Abbas Ansari, and her mentor, Haji Sayyed Shah, and aspiring political leader, Aatif Hussain. And it is after these meetings that he will conclude who is behind the extremism in this beautiful yet ‘most dangerous place on Earth’.

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  1. Pls soo daya flinkman waxaansogoyay 4 maalmoo

  2. egentlig Det var veldig bra, men det er også veldig litt trist ikke bra for det litt Reppen Folkene der er trist professor Sang

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