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No Escape Af Somali

When Jack (Owen Wilson) finds an opportunity to move to Southeast Asia to head his water manufacturing company’s new plant there, he immediately jumps at the opportunity and moves his family there. When they get there; they seem to be having problems, the electronics don’t work and rarely any cars are seen in the streets. When he goes to the market the next morning, he finds himself caught in the middle of a violent rebellion headed by armed rebels executing foreigners. Jack must get back to the hotel and with the help of a mysterious British “tourist” (Pierce Brosnan), must get his family to the American Embassy in the midst of the chaos.
An American moves his family to Asia because of his work. But the day after he arrives he goes out of his hotel and sees a mob and they have a confrontation with the police and people are killed. He sees them execute a foreigner. He then goes back to the hotel and tries to get his family out but the mob surrounds the hotel. He learns the mob is there because it seems like the intentions of the company he works for is not as benevolent as they claim. So he tries to get his family out but they’re trapped. A man whom they met when they arrive tries to help them.

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